Top 10 Website Design Trends in 2023

Web design in 2023 Web design is constantly evolving and staying on top of the latest trends is essential when aiming to create both visually appealing and engaging websites. As the years pass, the more interesting it gets to see the new and upcoming trends. This year, we can see an especially exciting range [...]

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Microsoft Boosts Hybrid Work With New Updates

What is Hybrid Work? Hybrid Work allows people to work onsite, offsite, and moving between locations. It helps people to choose where and how they will work. Wherever and whenever they decide to work, people are confident that they can collaborate safely and securely with others and be productive. The flexibility to work offsite [...]

2024-02-03T09:56:01+00:00December 21st, 2021|Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web News|

5 Signs That Your Website Needs A Refresh

What is a Website Refresh? Website refresh is  simple, quick, and not particularly resource-heavy. It might be triggered by smaller changes in the company, customer needs, or not an urgent technology. Refresh aims to an easy navigation and communicates the right messages. You might introduce all of the changes at once, or one at a [...]

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New Microsoft Teams Phone With Calling Plan

Microsoft Teams Phone With Calling Plan For Business Users in 33 countries including Cyprus Microsoft is combining Business Voice with their Enterprise offerings into a new SKU named "Teams Phone with Calling Plan” to simplify the purchase decision process and streamline the delivery of enterprise-grade capabilities to SMBs. Teams Phone with Calling Plan is an [...]

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New Microsoft Teams Essentials

New Microsoft Teams Essentials This is a new version of Microsoft Teams and is designed just for small businesses. Essentials version provides expansive limits and features for  professional meetings and collaborations in one place: Meetings with up to 300 people For up to 30 hours meetings 10 GB cloud storage per user Includes existing [...]

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Website Essential Expenses

Website Essential Expenses Here are some of the necessary expenses you have to pay when building a new website: Domain Name Domain name is what people type in their browser to get to your website (URL). Cost: Usually between €10 and €20. How often should you pay: Annually, unless you prepay for multiple years [...]

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Google Update – What It Means for Your SEO

What does the Google Update (core) means for you? Google Update in July may changed the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your business. For some search queries and keywords, the type of answer provided to users may have changed as Google search engine gets better and better at identifying search target. Performance metrics [...]

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PayPal & JCC Checkout Payments

PayPal & JCC Checkout Payment Gateways If you want to operate a fully functional online shop, you need to be able to accept online payments from your customers. Whether you have an existing ecommerce site or you are building one, your payment gateway needs to be a priority. If you are ready to take [...]

Take Your Business Online – Start Your Online Shop

WordPress Online Shop With the spread of  COVID-19 and after the new measurements by Cyprus Government many retail shops have been closed again. However, Retail shops that have an eshop can still stay open for online orders. But what about the shops that do not sell online? PWS Team can help you get quickly [...]

Remote Working Tips for Beginners

Remote Working With the spread of  COVID-19 many people started working remotely from home. But how can you stay productive and creative within this new lifestyle? Here are a few tips and tricks from PWS team: 1. Frequent Communication with your colleagues Since you are not in the same work area with your colleagues [...]

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