New Microsoft Teams Essentials

This is a new version of Microsoft Teams and is designed just for small businesses. Essentials version provides expansive limits and features for  professional meetings and collaborations in one place:

  • Meetings with up to 300 people
  • For up to 30 hours meetings
  • 10 GB cloud storage per user
  • Includes existing and new capabilities available in the free version of Teams to meet the needs of small businesses
  • Simple, easy invitations by providing only an email address
  • Users are not required to sign up, sign in or install Teams to participate in a meeting
  • In addition to Outlook Calendar, new Google Calendar integration makes it easy to schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams (is coming soon)
  • Professional meeting tools and capabilities (meeting lobby, virtual backgrounds, together mode, live closed captions and live reactions)
  • Never lose context or continuity with always-available chats in Microsoft Teams
  • Quickly group projects and host meetings with anyone
  • Assign tasks to teammates
  • Poll creations to receive fast feedback all in one hub with the new small-business group chat template (is coming soon to desktop and web)

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