Website Essential Expenses

Here are some of the necessary expenses you have to pay when building a new website:

  1. Domain Name

    Domain name is what people type in their browser to get to your website (URL).
    Cost: Usually between €10 and €20.
    How often should you pay: Annually, unless you prepay for multiple years in advance.

  2. SSL Certificate

    SSL (secure socket layer) certificates encrypt sensitive data (credit card numbers, personal information etc.) that is being transmitted. An SSL certificate is a must for ecommerce websites to secure and protect users’ sensitive data and personal information from being intercepted.
    Google even rank sites who have SSL (https://) enabled on their site higher.
    Cost: We offer SSL certificate for €5 per month.
    How often should you pay: Annually.

  3. Website Hosting

    Website hosting is the place where all the files of your website live, it is like the home of your website! Choosing a dedicated server for your WordPress website, you have access to a high- performance infrastructure specially designed to host WordPress websites. This means your site is secure, reliable, and flexible enough to meet all of your needs, and more.
    Cost: We offer Dedicated WordPress Hosting for €20 per month.
    How often should you pay: Annual plan.

  4. Web Design Expenses

    To make your website attractive, you will need to have it designed professionally!

    Full Redesign or New Design
    If you are launching a new website or redesign your existing one, you will need to spend some money to have it designed (or redesigned).
    Cost: The costs to build or redesign a website range depending on the type of the website and how much customization is needed.
    We can give you a Quote by filling the form here –>
    How often should you pay: Once off charge.

  5. Website SEO

    SEO it is mandatory if you are running a commercial website and wan to optimize your site so it attracts more clients from all over the world. You can make your website rank on search engines for a particular keyword. Our affordable search engine optimization packages (SEO packages) really get results.
    Cost: From €50 – €125 per month.
    How often should you pay: Annual plan.

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