What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid Work allows people to work onsite, offsite, and moving between locations. It helps people to choose where and how they will work. Wherever and whenever they decide to work, people are confident that they can collaborate safely and securely with others and be productive. The flexibility to work offsite or onsite, and how often, depends on the company and the nature of the employee’s job and their responsibilities.

Hybrid Work With Microsoft

Hybrid work is here to stay wherever we are. No matter where and when we work, Microsoft is here to help us with its new updates. PowerPoint, Outlook Viva, Teams and more aim to make the hybrid work easier.

 Microsoft Teams

New Teams Rooms develop to make the meeting to have more attractive experience to users. The company develops new intelligent cameras for the hybrid meetings and create AI-powered capabilities to Teams Rooms. These cameras come with unique characteristics, such as users recognition and active speaker tracking. Also, the in-room camera will leverage the active speaker tracking feature to use gestures, facial movements, and audio to figure out presenters in meetings.

Furthermore, the Companion Mode in the Microsoft Teams mobile is also being improved. The application is now offering quick access to Microsoft Whiteboard, chat and live reactions. The improved Companion Mode version will begin rising in the next few months and it should also make it easier to access meeting and device controls. In addition to these, Teams is adding support for Apple CarPlay, allowing users to join Teams meetings and make calls, while driving. Automatic lighting corrections features will arrive in Teams meetings in the coming months. Microsoft also announced a couple of apps to support the new shared stage experience that was originally announced at Build 2021. The list includes Freehand, Lucidspark, MURAL, Miro, and more.

 Microsoft PowerPoint

In early 2022, Microsoft PowerPoint is also gaining a few new features to make hybrid presentations even better. Firstly, there is a new feature called Cameo that lets users integrate their Teams camera feed directly into presentations. Speaker Coach is another AI-powered feature that is coming to PowerPoint presentations that monitors speaker’s pace during meetings and reminds them to interact with their audience.

 Microsoft Outlook and Viva

Outlook is introducing new RSVP experiences that will enable users to specify if they will attend a meeting in person or remotely. The company is improving the working hours feature in Outlook to include work schedule details in the calendars. Click to read more.

Moreover, Microsoft plans to launch the Viva Connections mobile application in public mode.

Microsoft CEO Sateya Nadella said that their new data shows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to hybrid work, as employee expectations continue to change. The only way for companies to solve for this complexity is to embrace flexibility across their entire operating model, including the ways people work, the places they inhabit and how they approach business processes.

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