Remote Working

With the spread of  COVID-19 many people started working remotely from home.

But how can you stay productive and creative within this new lifestyle?

Here are a few tips and tricks from PWS team:

1. Frequent Communication with your colleagues

Since you are not in the same work area with your colleagues or manager you have to arrange meetings with them on a daily basis to connect on your daily tasks, goals or upcoming projects. (Consider using communication tools such as Microsoft 365 Teams)

Make sure that you clearly state your work progress, which goals you have reached and which projects you have led.

2.Invest in reliable technologies

You should consider what tools and technology devices or systems you will probably need to do your job well at home.

For example, many people that work remotely from home invest in a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones so that they can take their work anywhere regardless of background noise.

Others find that wireless keyboards/mouses or a second screen are necessary to their efficiency.

3.Consider your work area

It is really important to figure out the environment that will help you work successfully.

For example, are you more productive in the morning or in the evening? This is one of the advanntages of remote work: you can work during your best hours, whatever they may be!!

4.Figure out your working environment 

You can provide an online form that your customers can fill out if they didn’t find their questions in the FAQ page.
Make sure that you assign a staff member to respond promptly.

5. Know when to Stop

Since you may receive emails and chat notifications at any hour during the day it is really  important to develop a habit of setting a time when you officially “finish work” for the night.

The best thing of working remotely is that you are having the flexibility to work when you are most productive so be careful about setting the standard that you are available 24/7.

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