What does the Google Update (core) means for you?

Google Update in July may changed the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your business.

For some search queries and keywords, the type of answer provided to users may have changed as Google search engine gets better and better at identifying search target. Performance metrics that measure things like speed, responsiveness and stability will now be factored into search rankings.

If your site does not meet Google’s latest requirements, it is possible that your search ranking will go down, making it difficult for people to find you online.

So, If you do not know whether or not your site content meets quality standards regarding Google core updates, please contact us to help you.

How to avoid negative impacts from Google core 2021 updates

What can you do as a company to make sure your website ranks the best it can?

The answer is the same as it always has been: provide content that users want to read and find.
When you are unsure, find out which pages Google elevated above yours in the SERPs for your target keywords and think about why that may happened.

This may require some adapting as Google continually changes its search algorithm but with the right SEO expert on your team, you can cope with the punches and keep your results high.

Work with a Website SEO expert to help your organic rankings

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