Social Media Marketing Price for Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social channels since has more than 1 billion active users.

You can totally free setup a business account on Facebook but if you want to expand ypur customers there are some paid options for Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads

You can create paid ads on Facebook and optimize them to achieve goals like:

  • page likes
  • traffic to website
  • website conversions

Facebook also has has options for managing your posts like the CPM and CPC models.
CPM model allows you to pay for evry 1000 views of your ad (everytime 1000 users see your ad ypu will pay a particular amount even if they don’t click on it).
With CPC (cost per click) model you can pay only when users click on your ads. The CPC prices are higher but you only pay for the users that are interested to your ads. Costs vary depending on rhe audience you attend to reach.

The average CPC for an ad is  $1.86 and cost-per-thousand-views (CPM) of $11.20 .

Boosted Posts

Facebook also allows you to to boost an existing post to reach more users based on your targeting options.

The cost depends on the target audience and the number of people you are trying to attract.
Facebook uses the CPM model to calculate the charges for boosted posts.
An average cost would be $6.35 per 1000 views.

Professional Facebook Management

Social Media Marketing: €900 to €1600 + per month
Social Media Advertising: €450 to €850 + with €200+ ad spend per month

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