Sony Center Cyprus

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Sony Center Cyprus Sony Center Cyprus by Fidelity ABOUT US Sony Center Cyprus - Founded in the early 1990’s We have since then become a regional Sony Centre providing our customers with exceptional value and a great Sony shopping experience both Online & In Store. OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide [...]

Cyprus Digital Signage by Fidelity

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Cyprus Digital Signage Cyprus Digital Signage by Fidelity  specializes in providing your company with end to end digital communication solutions to enable effective, dynamic and creative communication with employees, visitors, customers or the public. Our extensive knowledge in hardware, software and audio visual enables Fidelity PWS to tailor make solutions to fit your [...]

Turtle & Moon – Art and Design

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Turtle & Moon - Art and Design The Turtle and Moon studio is in the heart of Tremithousa Village, Paphos, Cyprus. Everyone is welcome to come to our art classes in Paphos, along and enjoy an hour or two of creativity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Turtle & Moon  is a friendly focal point [...]

Adonis Spring Water Cyprus

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Adonis Spring Water Adonis Spring Water Our carefully selected springs come straight from the earth, providing the naturally occurring minerals that give each bottle that fresh taste. We also put our bottled spring water through a rigorous quality control  before it reaches you. Adonis Water Cyprus - The water of the Gods! [button link="" color="default" size="" stretch="" [...]

The IV Pafos International Childrens Festival



The IV Pafos International Childrens Festival “The Heart of Gold” is going to take place on the 2nd of May 2015 and will include the art exhibition, the award ceremony, “The Tree of Kindness” fund raising and the Gala Concert. Children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old are welcome to take part in [...]