Project Description

Cyprus Digital Signage

Cyprus Digital Signage by Fidelity  specializes in providing your company with end to end digital communication solutions to enable effective, dynamic and creative communication with employees, visitors, customers or the public.

Our extensive knowledge in hardware, software and audio visual enables Fidelity PWS to tailor make solutions to fit your exact needs and requirements.

Here, at Cyprus Digital Signage by Fidelity we are committed to helping our customers with their needs.  Eye catching designed digital content will communicate your message is a dynamic way.

Some examples are:

Retail: Impact your sales by increasing customer engagement

Entertainment, Hospitality and Leisure: Enhance visitor experience by providing up to date information about activities and services

Healthcare: Improve patients and visitors information on services, relay important information about facilities.  Interactive way finding solutions

Finance and Insurance: Real-time information, figures and KPI’s

Education: Interactive and engaging presentation and educational information effectively

Food and Beverage: Influence your customer with attract menu boards, day parting to display different menus and offers at different times of the day.


To better suit your needs, our packages are broken into two segments:


  1. Display / Screen (Screens come in all shapes and sizes from 9 inch screens to massive video walls).
  2. Media Player (Think of a media player as a small computer. This will be the driving source behind your sign and is responsible for displaying your content.


  1. Software (We select the best solution for your needs through our consultative process. From free open source digital signage software to state of the art solutions with worldwide recognition).
  2. Design, Implementation and Content Management (Content must be eye-catching and useful to consumers. We provide content management services for those who do not have the resources to maintain this important component.

On the website you will find some samples of our work from a hand pick of selected digital signage projects.