Website Content is important

High quality content is necessary for the success of your website in order to keep visitors and help you rank high on search engines.
Of course the design of the website is also necessary for making a good first impression to your visitors, but the content of the website is what will keep them coming back.

Content Update

It is very important to not just have the original website content, but also to update the content regularly in order to make visitors to return to your site again and again.  How often content should be added to a site? As often as possible!!

Google penalise websites that do not change their content at all for months , so you must try to add some new content to your site on a regular basis.


Keywords are the most importan thing for SEO. If you want to rank higher on search engines you need to understand what keywords your willing customers are most propably to search.  Search engines like Google look for keywords within your website content to define what a page is about.

Content Creation

It is important to remember that any content on your web site is there to generate revenue for your business.
Content creation is a form of marketing and like any form of marketing you gain what you put in.

Content can take many forms like blog post, video and advertisement.
How to generate Content Ideas:

  • Find ideas through keyword research
  • Ask customer feedback
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
  • Brainstorm with your colleagues in your organization
  • Research what your competition is writing about

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