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Today we are going to discuss the factors that impact website design pricing of your web development project.

If you are about to start building your website, a price strategy is a must.

Here you can find everything you need to know about website design prices and related costs.

By reading this post you will be able break down the cost of your web design, so you understand what you are paying for.

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Web Design Costs & Website Design Pricing Strategy Factors

Design Time

A page that just requires an image or two and some formatted text requires less time spent and therefore less pricing costs.

However, if you want to make your page more visually interesting by adding calls-to-actions, parallax background and interactive elements the required time spent is more and hence an additional budget for the design is required. This extra cost could be well worth it, if you want to increase traffic to your website.

Logo Design

There are two types of Logo: Basic logo and Full logo package.

The basic logo is a very quick-text treatment that will be used only for the website. This option is great if you just need something quick for the web and software such as Photoshop can be used in order to keep cost and time down.

The second option is to design a full logo + mark. This is an ideal option if you want to use this logo for all of your businesses. This logo is provided to you in a vector format that can be resized for any purpose. Then, you can use this on your business cards, website and any other print material that you may want. This option is going to cost you a little more since more time and work is required.

Home Page Slider

Most of modern web designs have a slider on their home page. This feature is brilliant for catching people’s eye and showing them quickly what the website is about.

You have two sliders options: A simple slider and a fully animated slider.

A simple slider would be a 3-4 slides that fade from one to the other. There will be little to no animation to help keep the design time and cost down. Although simple, this can be a great option for websites that have great product images.

In a fully animated slider each element of the slides can animate in and be handled separately. As you can imagine this requires more hours to build out and because of this, the price is higher than just a simple slider. This is great idea if you want a slick slider to show off your companies’ main services or products.

Photo Galleries

You can display all of your work by adding a simple photo gallery or a fully fleshed out gallery section on your website.

The simple photo gallery is the most affordable option and is perfect for people who would just like a nice page of images that a user can easily step through.

A full featured gallery is a great option if you want multiple categories within your gallery. If you are a Photographer, for example, this would be the best option for you. You can easily manage your categories and layouts for large numbers of images on your website. This requires additional functionality and hence additional costs.

Stock Images

It is much better if you have authentic original imagery to use throughout your website. But if you don’t you can pick out stock images from a mile away.

Using your own unique images will help ensure that your website is unique and stands out among the crowd.

Stock images can range from €1 to €50 each depending on the level of quality needed and its purpose. It is recommended to have at least one image on each interior page as it greatly increases the visual appeal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On Page Optimization an extra time is required to research the correct keywords for any particular page in order to find the keywords people use to find similar content to yours. Then the keywords will be implemented into your copy, alt text and headers.

Tracking is also important for a website. Website traffic, monitoring tools like Google Analytics and account in Google’s Webmaster Tools could be done as a part of the tracking procedure.

This will cost you a little bit more but will allow you to analyze your traffic and help you with marketing as well as speed up the indexation process.

Social Media Connection

On-site Social Media: You can implement social sharing and social following throughout your website. Having things like Facebook Like boxes and pulling in feeds from your Twitter account can help increase your social reach. You can also put social sharing buttons to help your website visitors to share your content with their friends.

Social Media Account Design: The second is creating or editing social media accounts to help unify your branding. You can for instance, design a Facebook banner that is inspired by your web design.

E-Commerce Options

If you need to sell products on your website or if you want people to be able to donate money to your organization online there are some options to help facilitate this.

Donation Forms: You can easily set up a donation system using your PayPal account. In that way you will allow people to donate money and have it into your bank account.

eCommerce Options: If you use PayPal you can create your products within the PayPal system and then add PayPal buttons to your website. If your selling products are simple, this is an affordable way. However, if you need something more feature-filled, then the WooCommerce is the best option for you. This will give you an incredibly flexible eCommerce system that will allow you to manage your products, create coupons, export sales history and much more features.

Event Management Systems

If your organization has events and you want them to be displayed on your website, there are some options available for you below.

Simple Google Calendar Integration: If you only need to show upcoming events in an easy way Google calendar is the best option. Google Calendar is the best compared to dedicated WordPress plugins. This is an affordable way to get your events online.

Full Featured Event Management: You can also have an advanced event management system that will allow you to create events and edit your events. This can be done using some premium WordPress plugin. Due to the complexity of these plugins these require more time to set them up and thus increasing the cost.

Contact Forms

If you want people to get in touch with you, a contact form system is necessary. A contact form is a great way for people on the internet who prefer to communicate through email.

If you want a contact form system on your website then a premium WordPress plugin called “Gravity Forms” is the ideal option. Gravity forms allows you to create any kind of form field, get alert emails, send thank you emails to your clients and save all data in a back end system.

It is also recommendable to have contact forms directly on your money pages hence making it easier for people to get on touch with you regarding a service you offer. Making it as easy as possible for people to in touch with you about a service you offer is extremely important. Saving a click to your dedicated contact page can help increase conversions.

Other Possible Web Design Costs

  • Web Hosting Costs
  • Domain Name Prices
  • SSL Certificates
  • WordPress Themes
  • Premium WordPress Plugins
  • Website Security and Backups
  • Ongoing Maintenance

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