Google CAPTCHA – Protect Your Website From Internet Bots

Google CAPTCHA is  a program that can tell whether the website user is a human or a computer.

CAPTCHA are used by many websites to avoid abuse from “robots,” or automated programs or Scripts generally written to generate spam messages.

For example, the distorted images that have can be read only by humans and not computer generated programs, therefore robots cannot navigate sites protected by CAPTCHA.

Captcha deals with two main issues: Security and Accessibility. The issue of security is completely resolved by providing a great protection from bots. The second issue is a big challenge since CAPTCHA is based on the picture vision which could be hard to some users and impossible to disabled users.

Importance of CAPTCHA

1. Using CAPTCHA you can protect your website or blogs from comment spams, as websites receive many spam comments everyday.

2. Websites can be protected with a CAPTCHA in order to prevent abuse by automated programs/robots.

3. CAPTCHA also help to avoids dictionary attacks. These attacks under automatically generate scripts that try random passwords on login forms.

4. It helps search engines to prevent crawling the spam contents that may be harmful.

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