Project Description

The PC Shop Cyprus

The PC Shop by Fidelity has become a marketing strategy that offers consumers meaningful competitive advantages in electronic products sales and service. As part of its overall strategy Fidelity provides:

  • The best price available in the market area through active comparison shopping programs.
  • A customer-oriented, interactive format, emphasising customer choice and product information.
  • Convenient delivery, installation, extended service plans and repair services.

The PC Shop by Fidelity offers a full range of services to better help you. These services include:

  • Delivery and installation for most electronic appliances and products.
  • Computer equipment repair and in-store upgrades.
  • Computer software training for all the most popular programs.
  • Corporate and Home Solution Commissioning.
  • Installation, Programming and Training for all showcased products.

The PC Shop by Fidelity prides itself in providing its customers with a wide product selection in most technology related product categories.

They are looking forward to hearing from you!!