Project Description

Infusion Gallery Cyprus


Martin and Manon.

Partners in life and work.

Artistic from a young age, Martin is an accomplished British master goldsmith with over 45 years of experience working at the bench. Now living in the foothills of Cyprus, he divides his time between two workshops one of which is found in the InFusion Gallery shop where you can watch him work. To this day, each piece of jewellery he creates is a testament to the passion he still feels when designing and creating his mini works of art.

Born in Canada and loving adventure, Manon landed in Cyprus in the late 90s. She teamed up with Martin some years back and complements his artistic creativity with her flair for design and marketing. From jewellery conception to delivery, she’s putting InFusion Gallery on the map and making sure customers experience the magical world of jewellery the way they do.

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Cleaning and Polishing

Everyday living does leave its mark on jewellery, especially on those beautiful rings you never remove.  Let us breathe new life into your precious items with a professional clean and polish.  One by one, each piece of jewellery will be carefully inspected to ensure every claw, clasp and setting is secure then polished and cleaned returning it to near pristine condition.  White gold pieces can also be rhodium plated for that extra brightness.

Jewellery Commissions

Perhaps it was in a movie, or maybe a magazine, but the day you cast your eyes on that beautiful piece of jewellery, the desire it sparked lingers still today. At InFusion Gallery we understand that desire and feel privileged that we can turn it into a reality for you.  Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a pendant or a ring, we would welcome the opportunity to create the piece you fell in love with.

Jewellery Redesign

Gems and precious metals are eternal but tastes in jewellery design change. Whether it’s remounting an old ring or a complete redesign, we can transform your own jewellery into a bespoke piece that will become an expression of yourself.  Using your old gold items we will bring your design to life or use our artistic creativity to sketch a few designs for you.


Martin’s 45+ years of handling and working with precious metals and gems doesn’t only equate to well-honed skills, it also equates to having possibly encountered every type of jewellery repair that comes across a work bench.  This expertise is what gives us an edge when assessing how to best repair your jewellery and is your guarantee that each item will be handled with the care it deserves.

Jewellery Valuations

Whether you received your jewellery as a gift or inherited a piece, it is important that you protect it, and even more so, have it insured.  Insurance companies normally require a jewellery valuation in order to determine the value of an item. If you are not aware of the value of your jewellery and need to supply a valuation we’ll be happy to provide one.