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Andreou Cardiology Cyprus

Andreou Cardiology Cyprus


Andreou Cardiology Cent


Andreou Cardiology center provides a wide spectrum of medical services in the field of cardiology. Focusing on the patient we aim to the very best medical care in a stress free and friendly environment

Our center is equipped with high quality medical equipment and thus our personnel can provide you the best possible standard of care. With teamwork, continuous education and corporation with heart centers of abroad we aim to the best professional medical services. We are very willing to discuss about your health concerns and decide with you the best options.

Our site aims to strengthen our relationship and establish a constant communication with you. Medical news, interesting medical stories and publications will inform you about the current evidence base medicine and the new trends in cardiology.

er changes lives for the better  by providing quality medical care and advice in a community environment.


We deliver the best outcome for our patients by  investing in the best medical technology and high skilled staff through teamwork and innovation.


  1. Interventional Cardiology

    Constantinos Andreou works as an Interventional Cardiologist at the Cardiac catheterization Department (Cath lab) of Limassol’s General Hospital. The Cath Lab is fully-equipped with modern equipment. Highly trained personnel can offer high quality services in a wide range of heart diseases.

  2. Echocardiography

     Constantinos Andreou is certified as qualified cardiologist to perform echocardiograms by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC/EACVI). The echocardiography laboratory (ECHO lab) is equipped with a new cardiovascular ultrasound machine (Philips Afinity 70).
  3.  Cardiac checkup

    The center offers complete cardiac examination with high quality equipment.

    For any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an email, visit us or just fill out the request form.