Website SEO – Everyone is interested in improving their google rankings.

The most important thing you should know about Website SEO is that it is a long process, it takes time to increase your rankings and there is no correct answer to how long it actually takes.

Today, we are going to see what play a significant role on how long your SEO will take.


If you are selling something unusual, you probably won’t face any competition.

But if your products or services are common and competitive, you are going to face varying degrees of competition based on demand. Therefore, the more competing websites you’re up against, the longer it will take to get results.

Another important aspect of competition that most people don’t even realize is the competency of the SEO professionals behind the top ranked websites. If you hire an SEO professional , you will be able to compete everyone.

Otherwise you have got a longer and harder work ahead of you.

Inbound Links

Links play a huge role in Website SEO, but their impact on how long it takes depends on several deeper factors.

The first is the number of links to your website. More links will help you see SEO results more quickly.

However, an excess amount of low-quality website links not only will not help your ranking  but they could actually hurt it by slowing down your progress. So, you need to focus on quality links from relevant websites.

Finally, another factor is how fast you earn links and the speed at which you have historically earned links. A rapid increase indicates an unnatural attempt to handle ranking.

Generally, the faster you can earn relevant and high-quality links, the faster you will rank.


What you publish on your website also plays a significant role in how quickly you see results, and the most important thing here is that quality matters a lot.

If you have great content ready to go, then publish it immediately. The sooner you get it out there, the sooner it will have a positive impact on your rankings. Waiting only makes your SEO take longer.

So, try to maintain a consistent publishing schedule because:

  • It shows Google that new content is added to your website on a regular basis and that encourages Google to go on it more frequently. This helps to speed up your SEO efforts.
  • It encourages users to return to your website more frequently, which may help send positive user experience indicators to Google, therefore, greater speed up your SEO efforts.

To Sum up

You need to be prepared to invest a few months to a year before seeing results from your SEO efforts.

You can not accurately predict exactly when you will achieve top ranking for a particular keyword or topic.

However, over time, you can get a better idea of how long it may take.

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