Remote Working Tips for Beginners

Remote Working With the spread of  COVID-19 many people started working remotely from home. But how can you stay productive and creative within this new lifestyle? Here are a few tips and tricks from PWS team: 1. Frequent Communication with your colleagues Since you are not in the same work area with your colleagues [...]

How to Support Your Customers Online

Digitally Support your Customers With the spread of  COVID-19 we all try to reduce or avoid contacts in-person as much as we can. PWS team can help you find ways of how you can serve your customers through your website. Here are some options of how you can offer an Online Customer Self Service for [...]

Announcement Regarding Coronavirus – COVID19

Further to the new measures announced by the Cyprus Government and for the safety of our staff we are working remotely from home and we will still be able to provide you with our services. We can help you remotely Do you need more information regarding our services? Contact Us to find out more!! [...]

The Importance of Google CAPTCHA

Google CAPTCHA - Protect Your Website From Internet Bots Google CAPTCHA is  a program that can tell whether the website user is a human or a computer. CAPTCHA are used by many websites to avoid abuse from “robots,” or automated programs or Scripts generally written to generate spam messages. For example, the distorted images [...]

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What Are Informational Websites?

Informational Websites Informational websites are sites that provide customized and branded resources for active and future customers or members. These websites are usually design and content driven. A high quality informational website can act as an excellent sales tool for your company. It can inform future customers about your company, capture leads and act [...]

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How To Promote Your Eshop?

How to promote your eshop 1. Promotions This includes any seasonal sale promotion or online pricereduction. By promoting sales you create interest in your brand and products. 2. Blogs One of the most cost effective ways to get more website traffic. You can make blog posts to highlight new products or special offers. This [...]

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Google Ads

Google Ads can make a company more successful 1. Google Campaigns increase leads and customers One of the best tools for lead generation is Google Analytics. If your campaigns are set up properly, can send extremely targeted leads to your website. Google Ads allows you to focus on people who are searching for your [...]

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Social Media Marketing Price – Facebook

Social Media Marketing Price for Facebook Facebook is one of the most popular social channels since has more than 1 billion active users. You can totally free setup a business account on Facebook but if you want to expand ypur customers there are some paid options for Facebook advertising. Facebook Ads You can create [...]

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The Perfect Email Signature For Your Company

The Perfect Email Signature An email signature is a personalized block of text automatically appended at the bottom of your email message. Keep Your Text Lean Start with 3 or 4 lines of text in your signature, providing the following essentials: - Your Full Name - Job Title - Contact Number - Social media [...]

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How to find the best SEO keywords for your website

The perfect SEO keywords for your business SEO keywords - Creating your website is only the first step to getting your business online! The next and most important step is to bring visitors to your site. To achieve this, your website has to be on the top of Google search engine. To improve your search engine [...]

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